IT Outsourcing Services

IT Outsourcing Services

The well-known American Duroc management scholars had predicted: "Any business done in the background to support not only the creation of the work of turnover should be outsourced." In particular, SMEs should do the same, and use stronger resources to develop the main business of the company, thereby enhancing the core competitiveness of the company. The current business environment is changing rapidly and technology is changing with each passing day. Enterprises should give professional things to professional people through outsourcing services. For an enterprise's IT information department, it is the unshirkable duty of the IT department to ensure the safe, stable and reliable operation of the IT system. However, the security, stability and reliability of the IT system are relative, depending on the enterprise IT investment and ROI. Nowadays, enterprise IT system operation and maintenance is facing multiple pressures. On the one hand, there are fewer IT departments, more systems, and more tasks. On the other hand, the competitive pressure of the enterprise market is increasing, requiring IT departments to cut costs and regulate operations to be more efficient. Service business unit.


Especially for desktop IT systems, most enterprise employees will face them directly, with a large number and scattered deployment, such as desktop PC hardware, operating system, driver installation, network connectivity, system patching, virus killing, office software, and printers, copiers, projectors, etc. With the increasing number and scale of desktop IT systems, IT departments in many enterprises have brought enormous challenges in management and operation and maintenance. Due to the high CPI (consumer price index) and high housing prices, labor costs are rising, and many cost-sensitive companies have to shelve their IT investment plans to purchase new equipment or new applications, turning their attention to basic cost management. On the one hand, companies are more eager to cut capital expenditures (CAPEX) and extend the lifecycle of IT infrastructure by increasing operating expenses (OPEX); on the other hand, the role of IT systems in the enterprise has become more and more urgent. Traditional cost centers must change in the direction of quasi-profit centers and even innovation centers. In such a large environment, the mode of outsourcing the operation and maintenance of desktop IT systems to professional service providers has become the best choice for many enterprises to achieve the above objectives.


Enterprises face many challenges in the management and operation and maintenance of desktop IT systems. The number of IT personnel is limited and cannot meet the business needs. The number of branches is large, and the problems cannot be timely responded to and resolved. The operation and maintenance cost pressure is high;IT systems do not have a unified security module, and there are security risks.There is an urgent need for professional, secure and efficient desktop IT outsourcing services to solve the "last mile problem" in the use of IT infrastructure. We have many years of experience in IT operation and maintenance service management and information security management, a team of professional engineers and technical experts, as well as advanced operation and maintenance support tools, based on ITIL, ISO20000 and other international standards and domestic IT service management standards. In line with the best management practices of customer IT operation and maintenance service delivery, we provide our customers with continuous high-quality IT operation and maintenance outsourcing services, help customers reduce staffing, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and at the same time, the customer technical department personnel from daily, cumbersome The maintenance work is liberated, focusing on IT management and application work related to its own business, greatly improving the efficiency of personnel work and escorting the continuous operation of customers' business.


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